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Research Support: figshare

Figshare is our research repository - it is a platform for sharing any type of research output or work. you can get in touch to ask more about the repository or ask for some training at

What is figshare?

Figshare is a platform for any staff member, researcher or Doctoral Researcher at Cardiff Met to share any work associated with research and any type of research output.

You can share and archive research articles, datasets, presentations, research posters and videos amongst many other types of digital material. Figshare can display many different types of file to be directly accessible in the browser and the platform fully meets digital accessibility standards.

Figshare helps anyone doing research fulfil many different aspects of requirements that may be relevant for research funders and Cardiff Met's own research guidelines and policy. This includes being able to fulfil aspects of open research and research data management by making full use of objects/outputs created during the research lifecycle and a way to easily mint persistent identifiers (PIDs) for research related work.

Figshare offers public and secure private functions to enable choice over how work can be made available more widely. We offer advice and training on how to make the most of the features in figshare - get in touch at

How to access figshare

Figshare is accessible on any browser and device at

Take a look at our introductory video for more detail about how to access and create a figshare account.

What is available on figshare

Anybody can view the publicly available content in figshare – we make available collections of work related to areas such as Doctoral Theses, research conferences and events and open access versions of publications from Cardiff Met authors. All the public content on figshare is also available via MetSearch.

Below is an example of the content available right now on figshare!