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Accessing Eresources

Getting Started Online

Discover a world of scholarly digital content at your fingertips. Online. Anywhere. 24/7. In fact, there is so much information that the choice can feel overwhelming. Don't worry, we're here to help with this guide to electronic resources.

Remember to use the links below to find eresources. Most will prompt you to log in for the full free access you're entitled to from us. If you go directly to a resource through Google, you may be asked to pay for content unnecessarily.


MetSearch is the gateway to premium, paid content that Cardiff Met Library Service has purchased to support you in your courses. MetSearch helps you find quality, peer-reviewed, scholarly materials, and as it is partially funded by you via your course fees, it makes a lot of sense to use it.

MetSearch looks across most of our resources with a single search, so it’s important to filter your results, of which there will be many to begin with. For more information on how to use MetSearch, see our comprehensive MetSearch guide.

Beyond MetSearch

Discover research produced by Cardiff Metropolitan University on figshare, including journal and conference contributions and much more from our own academics and researchers.

As your research into a particular topic deepens, you may find you have need of sources from outside of Cardiff Met’s holdings. The Library caters for this with its Interlibrary Loans Service. For more information on how to access material from other libraries, see our informative guide to interlibrary loans.

Databases A-Z

Our Databases A-Z is a list of all our database subscriptions. Generically called databases, users can find information of diverse types and formats. Images, audiobooks, talks, TV programmes, statistics, market reports, British Standards, financial reports, newspapers, and much more.

Explore the entire collection of more than 100 databases in the alphabetical list. Alternatively, use the Subjects or Schools drop down boxes (near top of page) to see databases relevant for your course. You’ll also see new trials, and new and popular databases featured (right of page). We welcome your feedback about our trials. Remember databases are provided for educational use only.

For more information about how to use the Databases A-Z, see our guide.

Subject Guides

Subject Guides are designed to get you started in finding databases and resources relevant to your School and courses. Subject Guides are key materials you must become familiar with as a starting point.


Academic journals are aimed at an academic audience and are where you will find the most up to date research in your area. Most Cardiff Met’s journals are only available electronically, either through MetSearch, or you can look for individual titles in the Journal Search,or BrowZine.

For more information on how to search for and access ejournals, see the MetSearch guide.


An Ebook is an academic book, like those in your course reading lists, which is available in an electronic format. You can read it online using an e-reader, in a browser, or with other reading software on your PC.

Ebooks are fully searchable and easy to access. Usage limitations apply, such as download loan periods and copying amounts, which are set by the publisher.

For more information on how to search for and use ebooks, see our MetSearch guide.

Browser Extensions

By using an extension in your usual browser, you can find the digital collections of the library without needing to go to MetSearch first. Switch on our plugins today, search for Ebooks and articles and enjoy seamless access to excellent academic content. Read more in our guide to browser extensions.


BrowZine, available as a mobile app (for Android and iOS) or in your browser, is one way to find, access and keep up to date with the eJournals that are available from Cardiff Met. Read more in our guide to BrowZine.

Need Help?

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