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Subject Guides

What are Library Subject Guides?

Simply put, they are guides designed to get you started in finding information relevant to your School and Department. Subject Guides are not exhaustive – they are just the key materials you must become familiar with.

How does MetSearch fit in?

MetSearch is the gateway to premium, paid content that Cardiff Met Library Service has purchased to support you in your courses. MetSearch helps you find quality, peer-reviewed, scholarly materials, and as it is partially funded by you via your course fees, it makes a lot of sense to use it. When you search, MetSearch looks across the majority of our resources with a single search, so it’s important to filter your results, of which there will be many to begin with. For more information on how to use MetSearch, see our comprehensive MetSearch guide.

Why should I search by subject?

An alternative search approach is to search more specifically by subject. Usually, you’ll get less, but more specific, results (you may still need to filter).

See our Finding and Using Sources page to learn more.