We are delighted to announce that Library Services are now offering brand new ways to access our outstanding digital content and collections – browser extensions.

Cardiff Met staff and students can download our extensions today, search for eBooks and articles and enjoy seamless access to excellent academic content.

Lean Library and LibKey Nomad give you access to quality academic content directly in your usual browser without having to manually check for access elsewhere (such as MetSearch or Google Scholar). They link up with our collections and give you access to the 1000s of eBooks and journal articles we offer. You can switch them on and off via the 'extensions' option within your browser settings – however, it is perfectly possible to leave them switched on and they will ‘pop up’ when necessary. 

For more information, go to our Browser Extensions page in Discovery@Cardiff Met where you’ll find links to download the extensions and video guides exploring the features of each discovery tool.

Download Lean Library

Download LibKey Nomad

Come along to one of our introduction sessions on the following dates to learn more:

08/07/24 11am

10/07/24 2pm

Email mlester@cardiffmet.ac.uk for a link to join us on Teams.